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GOT? Original or just hot Hog hauler recipes?  Looking for special cookin to see for a future cook book.


Well maybe some here or there! 







Jobs Wanted!

Oh man, I need a job or just want to haul cattle. Out of work? I'll put your name & e-mail or phone and others who see it, can call you direct.

Robert how are you?

My name is Jim Lierly I'm trying to find a cattle company to work for that is based in mo if you have any contacts or maybe no of someone needing a driver hauled about everything except cows learn fast i have place to park truck-trailer-CDL is good no crashes no tickets-3 years

Jim Lierly

Palmyra, MO. 480 309 9353













Mike's Truckin
Willcox, Az. 85643
can haul across state lines
have 3 trucks & two drivers
also have two flat beds, & two belly dumps too.





















I want to get into livestock haulin what is the best road to take could you help direct me in the right direction. Or give me a direction to go.         thank you  Robert Schlipf                                                                                               schlipfrobert@yahoo.com



Hey Robert, (sorry to be so informal)
Like your website. Looking forward to seeing the complete package. I am looking to get a trucking job as a bull or cattle hauler and I was wondering if you know anyone who might be hiring. I live in the Dallas area and I have my CDL.
Anyways I have added your site to my favorites list and will check back.
Thanks, Kyle     wknewman32@yahoo.com









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